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IPS has injection molding machines up to 550 tons at its 50,000 square foot U.S. headquarters and presses as large as 1000 tons at partner facilities around the globe. As a result, IPS has a virtually unlimited combined production capacity and geographic reach to handle high volume production and provide technical expertise close to or at your point of delivery anywhere in the world.

IPS handles low volume jobs (from 1000 pieces annually) efficiently and economically, with the same expertise, attention to detail and respect for delivery time as any high volume job.

IPS can handle all of your injection molding, whether you’re looking for the highest level of technical knowledge and exacting coloration, the least expensive parts cost or the fastest turnaround time and delivery. IPS right-sizes its resources to fit your project, whether it requires low volume or high volume production, special handling, precision tolerance, etc. As a result, you get the product quality you need, and you pay only for the services, equipment, labor and expertise you use

With over a million dollers invested in our tooling facility we are able to manufacture custom molds to your exact specifications.Since there is no third party involved mold modifications are handled quickly and easily with minimal interuptions to production.