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What kinds of plastics can IPS handle? How do I know which one is best for my job?
There are thousands of plastics available for use in injection molding, and fortunately IPS knows how to handle a huge range of them, from commodity resins to exotic high temperature materials. To find the best plastic for your job, let IPS guide you through the complex material selection process. Choosing the right material can make a great deal of difference in production performance and final product quality.

What are the tolerance parameters in the manufacturing of plastics?
Tolerance parameters can depend on material, size, type of dimension and number of cavities, so you would be wise to consult with the experts at IPS on your specific project needs. Note: Only those features that are critical to the product's function should be held to dimensionally strict tolerances.

What industries does IPS serve?
IPS supplies high quality injection molded plastic
components for

• semi-conductors
• medical and pharmaceutical applications
• petro-chemical and chemical processing
• aerospace/ defense
• food services
• industrial
• architectural/ building
• appliances
• power tools
• cosmetics packaging

Will IPS handle my job if I have existing tools?
IPS will handle your job whether you have existing tools or need new ones. If you will be using existing tools, we'll need to know cycle time, yield requirements, part weight and shot weight. We'll also want to examine your tools to rule out potential molding issues before manufacturing begins. If you will need new tools, we'll design, build, and maintain them for you. We'll need to know estimated annual volume, tool type and cavitation, tool size, material type, cycle time, gate type and part weight.

What is multi-shot molding? What about two-shot molding?
Multi-shot molding refers to molding components comprised of two or more resins; the part remains in the mold until it is completed. Multi-shot molding should not be confused with two-shot molding, which refers to producing two-material components, often incorporating soft-touch features or contrasting colors. Two-shot molding is frequently used to produce plastic components with bold graphics, because the graphics are more durable than those produced with hot stamping, pad printing or screen printing. IPS can handle both multi-shot and two-shot molding for you. Just ask!