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Ray Seward, President
George Wilmot, General Manager
Gloria Hogan, Customer Service Manager
Paul E. McClure, Coordinator, Quality Assurance Manager & ISO

Request a Quote
You may submit request a quote by mail, telephone, fax, or e-mail. To expedite your request, please include as much of the information listed below as possible.

Full set of drawings of the part, either in hard copy or digital in the following formats:
• IGES (*.igs)
• DXF (*.dxf)

3 dimensional model of the part (if available)
Estimated annual volume
Production date requirement
Packaging requirements
Quality requirements
Shipping requirements
Special requirements
Specify if new molding or if existing molding tools will be used

If using new tools:
• Estimated annual volume
• Tool type and cavitation
• Tool size
• Material type
• Cycle time
• Gate type
• Part weight

If using existing tools:
• Cycle time
• Yield requirements
• Part weight
• Shot weight

Special requirements
• Insert molding
• Ultrasonic welding
• Assembly
• Packaging