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IPS Partners With
Pawling Corporation
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IPS’ color-matching expertise delivers exacting results;
Pawling delivers total solutions.

Up until two years ago, if customers of Pawling Corporation’s Custom Extrusion Division needed injection molded parts to complement extruded parts, they were on their own. Pawling offers custom plastic extrusion manufacturing, producing parts according to its customers’ design specifications. In the past, if the design required a combination of both extruded and injection-molded parts, Pawling was able to provideonly the extrusion. However, now that Pawling has developed a partnership with IPS, the company can offer total solutions.

“If it’s an application that requires both extrusion and injection molding, IPS is our go-to guy. IPS has the capability to make a variety of parts, some fairly simple and some complex,” said Robin Ringler, General Manager of Pawling’s Custom Extrusion Division. “If it’s injection molding only, we refer customers to IPS, and vice versa.”Pawling’s Architectural Division offers a line of wall protection parts, such as corner guards and wall guards, sold primarily for use in hospitals and high impact retail areas. The products consist of a long extrusion capped on the end with an injection-molded part. IPS and Pawling work together to ensure that both components are perfectly matched in color. Color matching is critical to product quality and customer satisfaction, since any difference in color between the extruded and injection-molded parts will be visible to the naked eye.Because extrusion and injection molding are fundamentally different processes, it is not possible to use the same color formula in manufacturing both parts. The materials are processed at different temperatures, for example, and injection molding usually results in a smoother, glossier surface than extrusion. To further complicate things, various colors behave differently in the coloring process, so there is no across-the-board formula for achieving consistency. The process that enables the manufacturer to match blues, for example, will not necessarily work for yellows and greens.IPS uses state-of-the art Minolta SpectraMagic™ Color Quality Software to analyze the color of the Pawling parts that must be matched. During the coloring process, IPS starts with the highest quality pre-colored resins and color concentrate additives and uses a McGuire Color Mixing Unit, which is capable of mixing colors to 0.1percent. Because the mixing unit allows a quick change of colors, it is perfectly suited for the small batch runs that IPS is known for in the industry. The company’s four new color mixing screws, engineered to provide a homogeneous mix of material and color concentrates, produce exacting results and reliable color repeatability.Because the human eye perceives color more accurately than even the most precise instruments, visual evaluation is a key step in ensuring the perfect color match. Through the years, IPS has developed some of the best practices in the industry for visual evaluation, such as visual inspection in specially constructed light booths with carefully controlled and quantified artificial light sources. Instrumental evaluations, including inspection using the company’s on-site spectrophotometer, support the visual evaluation.“We chose IPS because they’re able to meet our customers’ demanding requirements,” said Ringler. “Color matching was number one. We also needed someone who was willing to work with us. Compared to traditional injection molding you could probably classify our products as small runs. In order to partner with us you have to be willing to run off 50 of them.”

The Vice President and General Manager for IPS, echoed Ringler’s remarks. “Our approach and philosophy is very similar to that of Pawling, so it’s a win-win partnership.”

Visit Pawling Corporation online.